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815 Ice TheaterHippies (Adults)Hippies (Adults)Twist - Basic 1–3Dancing in the Street (Basic 4–6)Catch the Wave (Synchro- SS1)Party Girls (Duet)Duet (Vega & Odette Y.)Freestyle (Adult)Razzle Dazzle - TotsCaliforina Dreamin (Freeskate LTS)Jail House Rock (Private Lesson Group A)You Should be Dancing (LTS Group)We Go Together (Synchro - Open Juvenile)Opening Line Number/ Jake and HellenPre-Juvenile SynchroPrivate Lesson B—Duet (Rosie & Angelina)Boots Are Made for Walking (Private Lesson Group C)Stayin Alive (Private Lesson Group B)California Girls (Quartet)